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Capturing Tokyo's Neon Dreams: 10 Night Photography Tips
I'm child of the 90s and scence-fiction movies like Johny Mnemonic and Bladerunner have always captivated me with their dark, atmospheric visuals. I strive to capture a bit similar cinematic aesthetic in my photography, and neon-drenched Tokyo is my ...
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View of Sensjoji from the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Observation Deck
Exploring Tokyo as Photographer
The plan for my first time in Tokyo was just vacation. I wanted to learn about the city and the Japanese culture, eat some great food, do shopping, chill and take some pictures home as souvenir. I didn’t have any particular photography project in min...
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The Story Behind Tokyo Unveiled
Hello, my Dear Readers. Thank you for visiting my website and store. I’m Kasia Away, a traveling photographer deeply enchanted by Tokyo.My journey began many years ago during my first visit to Tokyo. I casually took my camera for a stroll through the...
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