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Imagine capturing the heart of Tokyo

Fom dazzling neon reflections to the serene beauty of a hidden temple garden. Tokyo Unveiled - Photography Gide to Tokyo equips you to make it a reality.

Nightscape of Senso-Ji

Mastering City Nightscapes

As the sun sets and the city lights up, Tokyo transforms into a breathtaking canvas of neon-lit streets, towering skyscrapers, and bustling intersections. Whether you're drawn to the glittering skyline or the bustling streets below, these nightscapes promise endless opportunities for stunning photography that will captivate your audience.

Beatyful, photogenic atrium in Tokyo

Tokyo Architecture

Tokyo is home to renowned architects like Kenzo Tange and Oki Sato, and even boasts its own architectural movement called Metabolism. Despite the loss of iconic buildings like the Nakagin Capsule Tower and the challenges of photographing dense urban development, there are still numerous unique locations around the city that serve as perfect subjects or backgrounds for your pictures.

Tokyo Towet between to skyscrappers

Breathtaking views of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a photographer's paradise, especially at dusk when the city lights illuminate its majestic presence against the vibrant cityscape. While it's visible from many locations, some offer truly captivating vantage points. This guide reveals the best spots to photograph Tokyo Tower during the day and at night, including tips on camera settings and composition.

Nightscaper with Tokyo Tower in the background

Observation decks

In Tokyo, you'll find a variety of observation decks, both free and paid. Some offer lofty heights with panoramic views stretching all the way to Mt. Fuji, while others provide more intimate settings. Whether small and secluded or large and bustling, each deck offers a unique perspective, even those just slightly elevated from street level.

Street with neon signs

Tokyo After Dark Street Photography

Tokyo comes alive after dark, offering a plethora of photography opportunities, especially in Central Tokyo near bustling railway stations where commuters converge. The vibrant streets are illuminated with neon lights, while steam and smoke waft from the grills and steel chimneys in the yokocho alleys. Take a moment to observe chefs meticulously preparing food, adding to the city's dynamic atmosphere.

Japanese latern with Maneki-Neko

Tokyo's Instagrammable Gems

Looking for unique and eye-catching locations to elevate your Instagram feed? Tokyo has it all! From hidden temples and vibrant Showa-period interiors to towering robots and neon-lit alleyways, the city offers endless possibilities for creative and visually striking photos. Explore Tokyo's quirky charm and discover the perfect backdrops to make your Instagram posts stand out.


Tokyo Train Spotting

Tokyo's trains are more than just transportation; they're cultural icons. From the sleek design of the Shinkansen bullet trains to the nostalgic charm of the Yamanote Line weaving through neon-lit neighborhoods, Tokyo's rail network offers a captivating subject for photographers. In Tokyo Unveiled, we reveal our top train-spotting locations for capturing the essence of Tokyo's trains in all their glory.